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Polygraphs-Lie Detector Sacramento
Polygraph-Lie Detector Examiner Sacramento

Perry Anderson has been serving the Sacramento, Central Valley for the past fourteen years and is well known for his investigative abilities. Mr. Anderson has investigated thousands of cases, conducted thousands of interviews and has provided expert testimony within the court system. His dedication and professionalism towards his clients far surpass his competitors. Mr. Anderson’s training and experience has provided him with the tools needed to conclude a successful investigation.

Mr. Anderson’s started his career working as a Federal Officer on an Indian reservation for two and a half years. He then transferred to the City of Tracy where he worked as a Peace Officer for ten years. During his career with the City of Tracy, Mr. Anderson work in patrol, investigating numerous crimes ranging from civil liability to homicide. In 2005, Mr. Anderson was promoted to Detective where he received specialized training related to Behavior Analysis, Statement Analysis as well as Interview and Interrogation. We offer Polygraph testing throughout the central valley.  If you want to know the truth, contact us today and set up your appointment.  

Polygraph/Lie Detector Test

Our company uses a computerized polygraph/lie detection instrument. The instrument used has five channels, which measure, blood pressure, the upper and lower respiratory system as well as GSR. The fifth channel is used for counter measures, which are techniques used by the examinee in an attempt deceive the examiner.

The polygraph/lie detection exam will take approximately ninety minutes or longer, depending on the situation and its complexity. During this time, there is a pre-interview, the exam and post-interview. We ask our client to come well rested and hydrated prior to the exam, considering the exam could take an extended period of time. 

Our Confidentiality Policy

Our firm understands the sensitive nature of private investigations and upholds the highest standards of confidentiality in the industry. It is our policy that all reports and information received from ASAP Investigations are strictly confidential and are intended for the private and exclusive use of our clients.  

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